Bring On The 3D Ad for Super Bowl Sunday

Bring On The 3D Ad for Super Bowl Sunday

Posted by: David Kiley on January 28

The 3D SoBe Beverage/Dreamworks ad running at the end of the Super Bowl’s second quarter this weekend seems like a good idea to me.

Contrary to what my TV mate Donny Deutsch said Monday night, wondering aloud if it was a good idea, I think the ad will do very well in terms of recall and likeability. [Link to cnbc yackfest about super bowl ads]

The ad, created by The Arnell Group, is an effort involving Dreamworks and Pepsi’s SoBe Beverages, who teamed with Intel and NBC to create and air the ad.

The ad not only includes a trailer for the upcoming film Monsters vs. Aliens, but also a 60-second ad for SoBe Life Water that features the SoBe lizards. Viewers are meant to pick up 3D glasses at a Pepsi displays at participating retailers.

Many of the ads in the game this year are expected to have a somewhat earnest tone.

I’m thinking that the 3D ad, for those who have the glasses, will be a huge winner in the various ad meters. There is a wow factor to have the ad, dinosaurs dancing, in your living room. It will absolutely stand out from the pack. And that’s what you want in the big game.

I’m not a big fan of the Arnell Group. But this idea seems exactly right as a counterweight to the seriousness and earnestness of many other ads, as well as an escape from all the bad news of the economy and markets.


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