Peter Arnell

Peter Arnell

Founder & CEO, the Arnell Group

World-class designer, innovator
and brand architect.

Peter Arnell is one of the most successful and creativedesigners and brand architects alive today. Heís a doer, with an extraordinary history of success in the practice of marketing; and heís a thinker, famously articulate and even philosophical about the art of creating corporate identity.

    Combining the skills and discipline of a designer and architect with the eye of a fine-arts photographer and filmmaker and a genius for creative market communication, he consistently finds new ways to connect with consumers beyond (and in addition to) traditional advertising.

    His clients are first-tier. Peter is responsible for the images of DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and The Home Depot, to name only three. His award-winning agency, the Arnell Group, has created extremely successful campaigns for Samsung, Hanes, Chanel, Anne Klein and other major clients.

His signature approach to building brands, which he calls PowerBranding, is a comprehensive process that develops the image and identity of the company, its products and its presence in the market through long-term comprehensive communications.

Peter Arnell is founder and CEO of Arnell Group, an “insights group” that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Omnicom. He has published extensively as an accomplished photographer and has written and directed more than 300 commercial films for such clients as Chanel, Reebok and Chrysler.

Peter is a fine communicator. Not merely articulate, he radiates intelligence and has a nearly poetic gift for inspiring creative understanding with unusual phrases and images.
What Makes Peter Arnell Unique
Peter Arnellís extraordinary success reflects a unique combination of talents and background:

He has extremely well developed artistic sensibilities.

    After studying architecture in college, Arnell began his career working in the Princeton office of architect Michael Graves. He also worked professionally with Frank Gehry, Aldo Rossi, and James Sterling.

    He shoots the photos himself and often directs his commercials. He has published 18 books on contemporary architecture and three books on photography. Heís also published a 20-year retrospective of his work entitled Peter Arnell, Made in Brooklyn, A Visual Diary 1976-1996.

He has a visionary talent for creative communication in virtually all media.

    He is famous for talking clients into working with him on the spot when encountered by accident through the sheer force of his vision for their company. Then time after time he delivers with unusual ways of reaching customers and/or surprising, artful, and stylish approaches to the traditional channels.

Peter has an unusually deep, rigorous and innovative mind about marketingóheís a true thought leader, a philosopher of design and market communication.

    His philosophy focuses on customers as people with emotions. “The most exciting idea generation that is happening today,” he wrote in his “point-of-view” column for Advertising Age, “is around the area of deep consumer understanding and connections. This focus is directed in terms of lifestyle, usage, desire and occasion.

    Or: “I am looking for the next giant on the landscape of emotionally relevant and resonant communications; a responsibly aspirational badge of cultural currency.”

The consumer always sees a product in the context of a larger environment. Peter Arnellís approach to PowerBranding addresses this context comprehensively and holistically.

PowerBranding works from individual product development all the way out through the rest of the companyís products to the look of the ads and all the rest of the media presentation, to the layout and design of the store. The goal is to create the entire environment in which the companyís products live, a holistic corporate identity among its products, buildings, advertising and packaging.

An example: Kmartís makeover. A new (lime green) logo, sleek new signs, better lighting, lower shelves and wider isles to encourage shoppers to buy more using new car-shaped shopping carts. The goal is to create a “brand theater” that showcases brands.

Or The Home Depotís ëOrange Worksí innovation partnership. The initiative seeks to get closer to consumersí needs and wants with new products that are best-in-class in terms of functionality, technology and design. Like a classy fire extinguisher designed to sit on the cabinet in full view next to other stylish appliances.

  • Founder and CEO, Arnell Group
  • Author of 18 books on architecture and 3 books on photography
  • Writer and director of more than 300 commercial films
  • Winner, Council of Fashion Designers of Americaís first award for best fashion advertising
  • Serves on the board of the Special Olympics
  • Honorary fire commissioner and chief creative officer, Fire Department of New York
  • Studied architecture at Brooklyn Tech, Columbia and Princeton
  • Worked with Michael Graves and Frank Gehry

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