‘Greater Good’

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‘Greater Good’

— Adam Mack and Aaron Sklar

As designers, we are empowered to make choices and challenged to understand the consequences of our decisions. In fact, many of us were drawn to the field of design because of our desire to make an impact. While this drive to contribute has long been present in the design discipline, recent trends have thrust design into centre stage and we are increasingly being invited to take on bigger challenges with high-profile partners and even higher potential for impact.

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About the Author

Adam Mack approaches design challenges by combining his keen sense for business strategy with his technical expertise. Adam joined IDEO in 2006 as a mechanical engineer, and his experience covers all phases of the product design process, from user research, ideation, on through to concept development and production. Adam worked with the nonprofit KickStart to develop an affordable micro-irrigation pump for small-scale farmers in Africa. He has also received world-wide recognition for his efforts with the Aquaduct, a pedal-powered water transportation and filtration device.

With human-centered design as his focal point, Aaron Sklar explores the relationship between people and the world, and the objects we interact with, from bicycles to breakfast cereal to a rocket destined for the moon. During his tenure at IDEO, Aaron has helped expand IDEO’s expertise in human-centered design to pursue the larger goal of humanity-centered design. Using this broader perspective, Aaron applies his experience in design research to opportunities aimed at environmental sustainability and design for the developing world.



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