Great Entrepreneurs’ Secret: Smarts, Guts, and Luck

Great Entrepreneurs’ Secret: Smarts, Guts, and Luck 9:33 AM Saturday March 7, 2009 Tags:Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal effectiveness As venture capitalists, my partners and I meet dozens upon dozens of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas and dreams. We love them – especially when their passion comes with capabilities and a good idea. I have been fascinated in … Continue reading

The Latest on Variable Data Printing

The Latest on Variable Data Printing From Carmelo Diaz, for Digital color printing is becoming synonymous with Variable Data Printing (VDP). There’s no doubt about it, VDP has become the focal point of income generation for commercial printers. In theory, VDP allows for printing customized promotional materials that could possibly double or even triple response rates.The … Continue reading

What Would Google Do?

MWWGD? on BusinessWeek’s cover   MWWGD? on BusinessWeek’s cover  I am thrilled to say that What Would Google Do? is the cover story on BusinessWeek on the  newsstand with an excerpt about the Googley car company. But wait! There’s more! * Here’s another excerpt at aboutGoogley government. * Here’s a summary of some of the top laws and lessons from … Continue reading