Nicolestyle Mismo Cigarette

Nicolestyle Mismo Cigarette Smoking is a bad habit…. and yet, everyone smoke. I don’t think smoking bring any advantages to us. Well…. except to those who are smoking say that it give “energy” and release stress. And some teenagers(maybe) say it feel very “yeng” or got “gaya” when smoking. Beside these i cant think of … Continue reading

3 Entrepreneurial Strengths That Can Also Be Weaknesses

3 Entrepreneurial Strengths That Can Also Be Weaknesses Many of the qualities responsible for getting us where we are today can also hold us back. Watch out for these three double-edged traits: Persistence Willingness to persevere despite obstacles has created many great innovations and is often the foundation for successful start-ups. However, persistence can easily … Continue reading

14 Big Businesses That Started in a Recession

14 Big Businesses That Started in a Recession Thought you couldn’t start a company during a recession? These enterprises made it big by doing just that. By Sarah Caron It might seem counterintuitive to start a new business when the economy is in the dumps. But a recession can actually be the ideal time for … Continue reading

Pay-as-You-Wish Success Story

Another Pay-as-You-Wish Success Story By STEPHEN J. DUBNER We’ve written before about pay-as-you-wish commerce, most significantly the case of a bagel man in the Washington, D.C., area, but also a coffee shop in Seattle and three instances of pay-as-you-wish download-able music: Radiohead, Jane Siberry, and SongSlide. Now here’s another baked-goods pay-as-you-wish scheme that’s worth looking … Continue reading