How to Grow Your Business Through Knowledge Acquisition

The entrepreneur who thinks they have all the answers is an entrepreneur doomed
to fail. No one has all the answers. Not to get religious on you, but even the Bible
repeatedly states there is “wisdom” and “safety”and even “victory” in a multitude of
counselors” in regards to waging war.

Well, business is a lot like war.

There are many ways to learn new business tricks, philosophies, and strategies.
This can be done through networking and exchanging ideas with other business
professionals. But it can also be done while you work or even putter by listening
to online webinars and seminars. If you are interested in opening up your mind
to other business approaches, here are three resources to get you started: offers free online professional (and personal) development
seminars. 101 iTunes Feeds to Boost Your Business Savvy: The list includes
everything business from ethics and law to management and financial matters.
Listen to business lectures from Yale, Cambridge, Duke, Standford, UCLA, and
other top-notch educational facilities. Free Google Training and Information
Seminars: Register to take a variety of Google’s free business courses and online
presentations in their “Do More With Less” series. If your education interests are
geared towards more traditional learning, you can also try MIT (yes, the MIT) for
free. MIT offers a huge array of open courseware. Take actual MIT classes (you
won’t get credit), get book lists and study notes and even take tests online – for
free. Free College Courses From MIT.


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