Why Google+ Is an Education Game Changer

Why Google+ Is an Education Game Changer LIZ DWYER Education Editor July 14, 2011 • 7:00 am PDT 653 responses It’s been a week since I snagged a Google+ invite, and while it’s fun to hit the reset button on my personal social media life, what I’m really interested in is how the service is … Continue reading

Skype’s New Education Platform Connects Classrooms Around the Globe

Skype’s New Education Platform Connects Classrooms Around the Globe LIZ DWYER Education Editor March 31, 2011 • 5:30 pm PDT 90 responses Good news for teachers looking to collaborate with their colleagues in other parts of the world. Skype has a new free service just for educators called Skype in the classroom, “a free global … Continue reading

Four Daily Deal Sites That Are Better (for the World) than Groupon

It seems like a new daily deal site comes online just about every week, promising you 50 percent off of anything you can swipe a credit card at. All kinds of copycats are chasing Groupon’s $15 billion tail. But getting discounts doesn’t have to be all about teeth whitening and tapas. The daily deal model … Continue reading

Building a New Model for Agencies and Consultancies in China and Beyond

Forbes February 17, 2011 Kevin Lee Reinvention is a constant that all businesses and industries go through. Ad agencies, media agencies, market research agencies and management consultancies are currently going through one such reinvention, and a dramatic one at that. These professional services help organizations interact and influence the end individual. They exist and thrive … Continue reading

“Interactive Is a Mindset, Not a Medium”

How Full-Service Advertising Agencies Are Becoming Interactive The Huffington Post February 5, 2011 Andrew Cherwen Full-service advertising agencies are challenged with integrating digital capabilities into their traditional media mix. Technology in the past 10 years moved advertising beyond interruptive one-way push messaging into a two-way participative context. To agencies this represents more than just a … Continue reading

Are We Giving Up on Consumer-Generated Advertising?

We Know It Can Work, but It’s Far From the Silver Bullet We Once Hoped by Pete Blackshaw Published: October 15, 2010   Pete Blackshaw Six years ago, I purchased a domain name — JoeCopy.com — that I figured would lead me to long-awaited digital riches.   The insight was simple. TV copy development was … Continue reading

6 Lessons from World Entrepreneurship Day

The future is mobile, at least according to the entrepreneurs who gathered to mark the second annual World Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations in New York City. By Christine Lagorio |  Apr 15, 2010 Hackers, designers, and young entrepreneursgathered Wednesday in a conference hall usually reserved for dignitaries and diplomats at the United Nations in New York. … Continue reading

The Top 10 Myths & Truths about Design in China

The Top 10 Myths & Truths about Design in China by Elaine Ann Are you worried as a designer in the U.S. that design jobs will migrate to China? Are you concerned about the increasingly competitive pricing on design jobs and its resultant outsourcing? Are you curious about the quality of design work over there? You … Continue reading

Site Optimization: The Tools Of The Trade

By Richard Shell SEO tools, which ones do you buy? I have been asked this question many times. When you have a site ranking high in the search engines you get asked these little questions. I use a whole list of tools so I can’t share them all, but I will tell you some main … Continue reading

The Accidental Billionaires

THE ACCIDENTAL BILLIONAIRES FACEBOOK FOUNDER PAINTED AS A POWER HUNGRY MEGALOMANIAC WITH MONEY AND SEX ON THE BRAIN By REED TUCKER This narrative account detailing the early years of the world’s most popular social networking site is already being turned into a film by “The West Wing” scribe Aaron Sorkin, and it’s easy to see … Continue reading