5 Traits of the New Creative Leader

5 Traits of the New Creative Leader Yesterday’s leadership skills will not work in today’s fast-moving and evolving world. Only creative leaders who are visionary and empathetic will succeed. Here are five things you can do to succeed as a creative leader: Instead of commanding, coach your team and organization toward success. Don’t manage people, … Continue reading

What Would Google Do?

MWWGD? on BusinessWeek’s cover   MWWGD? on BusinessWeek’s cover  I am thrilled to say that What Would Google Do? is the cover story on BusinessWeek on the  newsstand with an excerpt about the Googley car company. But wait! There’s more! * Here’s another excerpt at BusinessWeek.com aboutGoogley government. * Here’s a summary of some of the top laws and lessons from … Continue reading

‘Greater Good’

        ‘Greater Good’ — Adam Mack and Aaron Sklar As designers, we are empowered to make choices and challenged to understand the consequences of our decisions. In fact, many of us were drawn to the field of design because of our desire to make an impact. While this drive to contribute has long … Continue reading