Are We Giving Up on Consumer-Generated Advertising?

We Know It Can Work, but It’s Far From the Silver Bullet We Once Hoped by Pete Blackshaw Published: October 15, 2010   Pete Blackshaw Six years ago, I purchased a domain name — — that I figured would lead me to long-awaited digital riches.   The insight was simple. TV copy development was … Continue reading

11 Reasons Why Nonprofits Don’t Use Social Media

This post originally appeared on Social Media Mama. Nonprofit organizations are discovering the power of social media, some faster than others. There was recently a lot of backlash over a post by Seth Godin titledThe problem with non. For many people, his words seemed unfair when he said that many nonprofits use excuses like “lack of … Continue reading

5 Tips for Managing Social Media

As I make presentations and write about social media, I continue to hone in on my specific views about how to use and manage your social media. Here are some of the points I’ve been making for the last year that still hold up and have crystalized into some of my key points about social … Continue reading

Why Nonprofits Should Use Social Media

When it comes to marketing, nonprofits – like many companies – tend to go for the familiar. What do we know? What have we done in the past? Direct mail? Check. A print newsletter? Check. A fundraising event? Check. Whether or not these tactics have actually been successful in the past, they tend to be the … Continue reading